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Technical Innovation


e-BridTM technology enables ameriTRAMTM to be propelled by overhead catenary or on-board lithium-ion batteries. e-BridTM charges the batteries while running on catenary power. In battery mode, e-BridTM uses electricity stored from regenerative braking. Depending on conditions, with e-BridTM technology, ameriTRAMTM can run on battery power for up to five miles.

  • Superior Versatility – e-BridTM technology provides propulsion where overhead contact wire cannot be installed
  • Historic Preservation – downtown and historic areas remain free of overhead wires
  • Improved Aesthetics – wireless sections minimize environmental impact and improve visual aesthetics
  • Reduced Energy Usage – e-BridTM delivers immediate savings through lower power consumption via "peak-shaving"
  • Greater Value – with less electrification equipment and maintenance, e-BridTM saves $ millions in capital investment and operational costs
  • Enhanced Public Safety – e-BridTM ensures safety of passengers in power outages or inclement weather
  • Environmental Responsibility – zero emissions and lower energy usage means fewer greenhouse gas emissions


  • Designed ComplianceameriTRAMTM is the only 100% low–floor vehicle compliant with each; Buy America, ADA, NFPA-130 and ASME RT-1

    ameriTRAMTM 300 interior floorplan

    100% LOW-FLOOR

  • Improved Passenger Safety – 100% low-floor with no interior steps or ramps
  • Superior AccessameriTRAMTM provides easier access and complies with all ADA requirements throughout the passenger area
  • Greater Efficiency – faster boarding means less dwell time at stations


  • Expandable Design – allows for future system growth without increasing the fleet size

KINKISHARYO International, L.L.C. is the number one supplier of low-floor light rail vehicles in North America. It is the North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based The Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd., one of the most sophisticated rolling stock manufacturers customizing solutions for urban transit agencies worldwide since 1920. Kinki Sharyo has supplied over 15,000 electric railcars—from light rail vehicles to high-speed Shinkansen bullet trains—that move hundreds of millions of passengers safely and efficiently.


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e-BridTM Technology

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